Which is the best course in law in India?

Which is the best course in law in India?



There are a number of courses in law in India and choosing the right one can
be a daunting task. The courses available change from year to year depending on
which university is offering them, the duration, and the level of study. Here I
will list down my top choices for various courses in law in India based mostly
on reviews by other students, the syllabus provided at the university or
institute, and even what class I am currently taking myself.

You may have come across many things that seem to contradict each other or
similar words being used for different courses or universities but fear not!
This guide will help you make your decision easier and ensure that you enroll
yourself in the best course/university/institute possible.

There are various law Courses in India.

Some of the best are:

  • LL.B
  • LL.M
  • Ph.D. In
  • Diploma
    in Law or its equivalent
  • Paralegal
    Professional Course

LL.B law course in India

LL.B (Law) is a graduate law degree that is offered by universities in India
and abroad. The course is designed to prepare students for admission to a
variety of professional careers in law, especially those in the judiciary and
government service.

The course covers the basic principles of legal theory and practice,
including civil procedure; criminal procedure; constitutional law;
international law; international trade law; property law; administrative law;
contract law; equity (including trusts).

LL.B (LLM) courses can be completed in one year at most universities in
India as well as in two years at some American universities where students are
permitted to take a break between semesters to work on independent projects or
do research projects while taking classes.

LL.M law course in India

LL.M (Master of Laws) is a postgraduate degree which is recognized by the
Bar Council of India and provides an integrated education in law. This degree
program is designed to develop professional skills, leadership capabilities and
research abilities.

The LL.M program aims to formulate legal theories and practice through
theoretical and practical components. The program also aims to develop
analytical skills, social responsibility, ethical character, communication
skills and leadership qualities of the students through an intensive study of
international as well as Indian laws, legal systems and practices.

The duration of this course is 3 years with a minimum of 15 credit hours per
semester (30 Credit Hours).

Ph.D. in Law

The Ph.D. in Law is the best course in law in India, because it gives you a
chance to work on your own research and publish it. It also gives you the
opportunity to teach Law at any university or college in any part of the world.

The Ph.D. in Law is a very demanding course, which requires hard work,
dedication and research skills from students who want to pursue their career in
this field of study.

The Ph.D. in Law is one of the most sought-after courses among law students
across India because it has a lot of potential for employment opportunities after
completion of graduation and postgraduation if you are able to get good grades
in this course.

Diploma in Law or its equivalent

The best course in law in India would be a one-year diploma course in law.
This is because it gives you knowledge of the law and its application to the
real world. The diploma course in law also helps you get a job out of it which
can help you earn some good money.

The best course in law would be a one-year diploma course in law because it
gives you knowledge of the law and its application to real-life situations.
This is because, if you are able to understand how laws are made and how they
are enforced then this will help you understand what your rights and
responsibilities are as an individual as well as an employee or employer.

If someone wants to work as an Advocate or Attorney General then this is
where they should start their career with a diploma course in law. These people
need to understand how laws work, who makes them, what their purpose is, and
how they can be applied properly for better results for everyone involved.

Paralegal Professional Course

A paralegal is a person who assists in legal matters. Paralegals have been
around for a long time. In fact, they have played an important role in the
legal system. They are hired by lawyers and law firms or they may be
self-employed. Paralegals can help lawyers with their legal research, writing
letters and documents, preparing cases, or advising clients on specific legal

The purpose of this course is to give you an overview of paralegal practice,

How to plan and execute a successful paralegal

The importance of understanding the law;

Legal terminology;

Types of paralegals;

How to communicate effectively with clients;

Legal research techniques;

The importance of ethics in the paralegal


So, from the above discussion, we must understand that law is a very vast
subject and one cannot become an expert in it merely by taking one or two
courses. I would suggest you take your law course at a good college rather than
a private center. After that, the best way to learn law is through practice.
You will be able to practice law better by working as an intern in a renowned
firm or starting your own startup.

The advantage of having a startup is that you will learn about the
legalities behind starting, running, and shutting down a business in India.
However, if reality doesn’t allow you then try to intern at an established firm
so that you get practical knowledge on how to deal with real-life situations in
context with law.

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